Event badging

Streamline. Manage. Impress

Do you need badges?

From traditional event badges to facial recognition printing, we can help you manage the event badging with guarantee and data security.

Choose the method that best suits your event

Our technology adapts to your event to offer the best access experience,
both for attendees and organizers.


Design the event badges to your liking and we take care of the customization and additional elements such as QR codes in each one.


We send a QR code to each attendee and print each badge during the check-in process.

Print kiosks

Let your attendees print their badges in an easy, fast and personalized way.

Event badging with QR codes

Up to 2.5 times faster than a traditional badging system. Get
the check-in and print process in just 20 seconds
through reading QR codes on mobile or printed.

How does it work?

The assistant completes the online registration and receives a QR code.

Access the event and present your code at the printing kiosk.

Receive your printed accreditation in 6 seconds and ready to use.

Print kiosks

Designed for quick assembly, with a 100% customizable aesthetic and
with modest technical requirements, each printing kiosk
It allows you to check-in and print around 250 people/hour.

  • Customize without limits and in full color
  • Create a layout for each category
  • Includes attendee data
  • Independent front and back design
  • For lanyards with 1 or 2 anchors
  • No plastics

Badging with facial recognition

Twice as fast as a QR access and up to 5 times faster than a
traditional access. Recognize your attendees through the camera located in
printing kiosks and generate your accreditation in 6 seconds.

How does it work?

The assistant registers online and uploads a photo.

Enter the event and be recognized by the printing kiosk.

Receive your printed badge in 6 seconds.

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