Live streaming for events

Awaken interest and feelings that will keep your audience always connected with you.

From strategy planning to Streaming Production, our professional team is here to help you plan and execute the highest quality virtual or hybrid event.

How do we do it?


We put at your disposal all our technological and human resources so that you can reach beyond the limits of your workspace, carrying out your event in all the phases of Pre-production, Live Streaming and Postproduction

Planning and management

Required technology, schedule planning, registration, broadcasting platform, testing and rehearsals.

Live broadcasting

Broadcasting of the event on your website, retransmission on different platforms and RRSS, recording in HD, Full HD and 4K.

At the end of your event

Delivery of material obtained (final recording), broadcasting for on-demand viewing, complete video analytics.

Eventos virtuales

Bradcast without borders

Whether on your own platform or if you need us to develop a site, we can broadcast your event in high quality.

Need a place to broadcast?

We have the best technology platforms for virtual events in order to create the best experience for the virtual event.

Just need streaming?

We produce your event and broadcast in high quality to the platform or landing page you specify, without you having to worry about technical issues.

Zoom producido para eventos virtuales


All the flexibility you need for your virtual events.

Remote connection

We connect with speakers and moderators remotely and produce a signal to be broadcast live.

Broadcasting from the set

Bring speakers and moderators on set and we will help you produce a customized virtual event.

Broadcasting for hybrid events

We accompany you to the event venue and broadcast all or part of the on-site event to the remote audience.

Eventos virtuales


The advantages of being able to show your activities to a remote audience are many

  • You can reach more people or your target audience no matter where they are located or where there are seating limitations
  • You get professional Streaming projects, adjusted to the size of your organization and budget
  • You receive immediate and personalized attention to plan in advance the activity you wish to carry out
  • You avoid incurring investment costs in technological assets and specialized personnel
  • You offer your audience content in multiple languages, even with live simultaneous translation
  • Position your organization or company at the technological forefront by providing an innovative service
Eventos virtuales e híbridos formativos

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