Virtual and hybrid events

If you need to engage attendees online a Live Streaming tool is not enough.

Use a comprehensive, professionally managed end-to-end online event solution that has everything you need to: plan, promote, monetize and deliver an engaging and interactive online experience.

Our virtual space

The place where it all happens: brand personalization, communication and networking among attendees, live or on-demand broadcasts, and sponsor promotion.

Fully customizable space with your branding


  • Easily scale your virtual space to the level of engagement and complexity you desire
  • The most customizable platform on the market
  • Visible from mobile or desktop
  • Platform that can be integrated with various registration systems, CRM or custom developments
  • Allows you to have any number of live streams, video on demand or interactive conference sessions
  • Advanced engagement, networking and communication features by person or groups
  • Create unique experiences based on access type

Eventos virtuales e híbridos

Engagement & Networking

Foster new connections and turn live broadcasts into lively conversations among attendees.

  • Attendees, speakers and sponsors can create detailed profiles to share if they wish
  • Encourage face-to-face conversations with 1:1 video meetings
  • Meeting reservation system for both face-to-face meetings or 1:1 video.
  • Discussion groups allow attendees and sponsors to network before, during and after the event
  • Advanced Chat features feature user profile photos, emoticons, and conversation threads
  • Use polls and Q&A to encourage and measure audience engagement in sessions
  • Use Gamification to encourage connections with sponsors and event follow-up
Interacción en eventos virtuales e híbridos

Eventos Virtuales e Híbridos

Inform & Educate

Make sure people get the most information
relevant to them.

Eventos virtuales e híbridos formativos
  • Keep attendees up to date with emails and announcements
  • Use targeted notifications to specific groups of attendees
  • Show the best posts from the user community or integrate a social wall
  • Authentic social sharing enables key learning and fun times to reach a broader community

Eventos virtuales

Online Exhibition and Networking

Gives sponsors great ROI with brand exposure
branding and lead generation opportunities,
all this measurable.

Online Exhibition


Our Virtual Space offers endless opportunities to display your brand messages.


  • Offer tiered packages with banners, sponsored sessions, alerts & gamification challenges.
  • Use company profiles to display goods and services, contact details and more
  • Highlight different sponsorship levels for different Company Groups
  • The virtual stands can be made according to the profile of each of the exhibitors or sponsors including videos, downloading documents and chats or 1:1 video meetings
Stands Virtuales en eventos virtuales e híbridos
Stands virtuales para eventos

Networking & Broadcast Time


  • Sponsors can take advantage of direct messaging, 1:1 video meetings, discussion groups and engagement features to capture leads
  • Offer airtime with participation opportunities and honorable mentions
  • Add video ads and sponsored images, logos, and bumpers to live streams and VODs

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