Check-in and attendance tracking

Control event check-in and capacity for sessions using QR codes

Quick and contactless check-in for events

It is now easier than ever to track access to the event, as well as control the time spent by attendees at the different sessions of the event.

Choose the method that best suits your event

Our technology adapts to your event to offer the best access experience,
both for attendees and organizers.


Design quick and intuitive registration and access that reduces the number of actions performed by attendees.


Impress your guests with innovative technology and completely personalized badges.


Your attendees’ data is always securely transmitted and deleted after each event.

QR code Check-in

Allows attendees to complete contactless access to the entire event (and sessions),
by reading a QR code from a mobile App.

How does it work?

The assistant registers online and receives a QR code.

Present your code at check-in to access the event.

Complete the process by printing your badge.

Attendance and capacity control

Define each room capacity and manage the capacity limit in the session entrance reading the attendees QR code reading system.

Track your event


  • Define capacity for each room
  • Control which attendees have access to each room
  • Report of time spent per attendee
  • Quickly empty a room to avoid scanning on exit
Control de asistencia en eventos

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