Facial Analysis for events

Understand how the people who visit your space move and feel using an intelligent device that passively analyzes hundreds of faces.


Facial analysis for events


Facial analysis for events

Verify the number of people in different areas and optimize the available installed capacity.

Track the number of people at key locations by identifying traffic and travel.

Measure and differentiate the composition of the target audience:
· Sex: Male, Female.
· Generation: Baby boomers, generation X, millennials..

Quantifies how long people stay in certain areas to understand their behavior

It measures happiness and satisfaction over time and determines levels of participation and engagement by gender and age range.

Perform different tests to determine the effectiveness of campaigns, ideas or concepts you want to implement and use the data obtained to concentrate your marketing, advertising and sales efforts.


Even with accessories such as hats, glasses or masks, the analysis algorithm exceeds 97% accuracy.

99.3% for face detection.

98.1% for demographics.

98.7% for face detection.

97.5% for demographic data.


Privacy protection is central to the design of facial analysis software.

It is not necessary to collect explicit consent. The cameras only calculate aggregate (group) level statistics.

It is recommended to disclose the use of video analytics. It can be mentioned in the privacy policy and/or use a label with the camera icon in place.

The data is aggregated into anonymous statistics. Smart cameras do not process personally identifiable information.


facial recognition

Individual Identification

Michell Brown
CEO Lears Company

Estadísticas Anónimas

Women 61%
Men 39%
Satisfied 93%
Millennials 25%
Generation X 67%
Baby Boomers 8%

In facial analysis:


  • Videos and images are never stored or transmitted.
  • Biometric identifiers are never extracted or used in any other way.
  • The data is completely anonymous and cannot be manipulated to find individuals.
  • Data is fully encrypted at rest, including backups.



A plug-and-play video analysis solution that can be set up in 12 minutes.

Check metrics from mobile, tablet, desktop and at any time by accessing your own live dashboard.

Information on the behavior of each individual with more than 95% accuracy and without collecting personal data.



  • Quantify the number of visits and time spent.
  • Analyze the feelings and demographics of your visitors and personalize the audiovisual messages you show.


Conference Rooms

  • Measures the level of engagement of participants per session.
  • Increases the quality of the sessions by taking into account the data provided by the audience sentiment analysis.


Common Areas

  • Measures the mood of registration and accreditation areas, break rooms, information points, cafeteria, etc.
  • Displays advertising tailored to attendees based on demographics.
  • Identify recurring points of interest with heat maps and measure attendee satisfaction.
Análisis facial en eventos

Optimiza tu evento y la experiencia de tus asistentes en base a datos precisos de cada exposición, instalación, actividad, sesión o sala

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